This Habitat Graph showing the habitat where the plant was found is produced by a program that scans the habitat information given by plant collectors. Fifteen habitat categories are defined as follows:

Alpine - Growing above timberline.
Aquatic - Growing in or floating in water.
Brush - Scab, chaparral, thicket, clearcut, scrub and similar terms.
Cliff - On a cliff, rock wall or similar surface.
Desert - Described as a desert, wash, arid or very dry area.
Disturbed - Along a road, railroad, burned area, vacant lot and similar places.
Epiphyte - Growing on a plant or on decaying plant material.
Forest - In a grove, stand or woods or otherwise associated with trees.
Grassland - A pasture, prairie, rangeland or steppe.
Meadow - An area described as a meadow.
Riparian - Near a stream, river, lake, seep or other wet area.
Rocky - An outcrop, scree, talus area or other rocky area.
Salt Marsh - An alkali or tidal area.
Sand - An area described as sandy or a sand dune.
Wetland - Marsh, swamp, bog, fen or wetland.

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